We moved

Finally,  The Theoretical Diver is on its own domain thetheoreticaldiver.org . I had intended this move for a long time but it became necessary as the ancient WordPress instance had uninvited visitors (don’t get me started on why it was impossible to update that beyond mentioning that the OS version of the host of that blog required me to run a very old Debian release which came with an old PHP version which only allowed a WordPress version from about the time when my grandma went to elementary school).

So here we are now. And since WordPress does not really like to be moved to a new domain (yes, they store absolute paths in their database, no clue why) and backing up the old was also difficult given how old the WP version was (which excluded most plug-ins) I moved all posts essentially bu cut&paste. I tried to update all the links as well. But please let me know if you find something outdated.

What I couldn’t move are the comments. Which is a pity.

So, once more, welcome to the new site! I hope you feel at home.

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