Nothing profound to say these days (in which I guess more people practice the theoretical side of diving). But yesterday, I was watching the first few episodes of season 3 of Money Heist (La casa de Papel, Haus des Geldes) on Netflix. And not only the professor is complaining that he had too little time to work out the plan, it seems this also applies to the script writers.

I am willing to forgive questionable approaches to tracking satellite phones and hacking into mobile phones. But when it comes to theoretical diving, there is a limit!!1!

I don’t want to spoiler too much, let’s just say, there is a flooded vault and they are diving to extract bars of gold:

Wasn’t anybody aware that the density of gold is almost twice the density of lead? A good delivery bar weights 12,4 kg, so the woman holding two of whose on stretched out arms has spent a lot of time in the gym. Also, swimming two of those to the exit it will be challenging to maintain neutral buoyancy…

When I was a student at DESY (the German particle accelerator lab in Hamburg), even in the theory building, we used lead blocks the size of half bricks as door stops, monitor mounts etc. Those came from the experimentalists who used those as means of radiation protection. The first time, you tried to pick up one of those, you got the impression it was screwed to the floor as your brain expected to pick up something they weight of a brick. But no, the density of concrete is about twice that of water while lead is about 11 kg per litre while gold is 19 kg per liter.

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